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Grace Rivera is a Photographer + Director based in Brooklyn, New York. She has spent the last decade cultivating a distinctive style of portraiture that is both dynamic and sincere, expressive and vividly colorful. She embraces a sense of playfulness in her craft and firmly believes that photography should inspire positivity and foster a sense of inclusivity. Grace’s ethos is a deep-seated belief in the power of human connection, and she tirelessly seeks to infuse warmth and empathy into every aspect of her photographic practice.


At the core of Grace’s creative process lies an unwavering commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for her subjects to connect freely and openly. By adopting an unpretentious and empathetic approach, she skillfully captures her subjects in their raw and genuine form, resulting in intimate, authentic portraits.


Amongst the noteworthy subjects featured in her portfolio are esteemed Journalist and News Anchor Katie Couric, actress and icon Fran Drescher, Hollywood's most exciting young actress Jenna Ortega, and two momentous shoots with Latin Music icons Romeo Santos and J Balvin. By seamlessly fusing vibrant portraiture, dynamic movement, and genuine emotion, Rivera has amassed a loyal client base of brands and editorial titles, including Sephora, Meta, Google, Teen Vogue, The New York Times, Nike, Allure, Billboard, and Amazon.